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DevRelCon San Francisco: developer experience, developer relations and developer marketing. 6th and 7th June 2019, San Francisco.

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Join us at the 13th edition of DevRelCon to share and learn how the most successful developer-targeted companies build awareness, adoption and community for tools and infrastructure that developers love to use.

This year we're focusing on how to serve the diversity of needs represented in the developer community, as well as the usual themes of developer relations, developer experience, developer marketing and more.

Come together with expert practitioners from across the world to join the conversation about developer experience, developer relations, developer marketing and community.

To participate in DevRelCon, you agree to abide by our code of conduct.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon San Francisco 2019.

DevRelCon san Francisco: developer relations, developer experience and developer marketing. 6th and 7th June 2019, San Francisco.

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