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Adam DuVander

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Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander helps developer-focused companies better engage their audiences with content.

An API veteran, he's worked with Zapier, SendGrid, and others on developer marketing and outreach. Previously, he served as the first editor of ProgrammableWeb, wrote a book on mapping APIs, and covered developer topics for Wired.


Towards a more inclusive developer portal

As we practice dev rel, we find ourselves interacting with many types of devs. They work at different types of companies and have varied backgrounds and skill levels. And if we’re honest about the traffic that comes to our dev portal, a good amount of visitors don’t even have developer roles. How can we make the portal more inclusive of these junior and diverse audiences?

This talk will help you better understand your complete audience. Who are the different types of developers—and other roles and backgrounds—that use your developer portal? With that information, you can take action with your dev portal and other content to be more inclusive of your entire audience.

You’ll find yourself reconsidering your:

* Getting started materials
* Sample apps and code
* Use cases you promote

By considering a more diverse audience for your dev portal, you can improve how widely dev rel contributes to your company’s goals.


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