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Amanda Moran

Developer Advocate | Datastax

Amanda Moran

Amanda is a Developer Advocate for DataStax. Her passion is bridging the gap between customers and engineering!

Amanda graduated from Santa Clara University in 2012 with a Master’s in Computer Science, she also has a Bachelor’s of Science In Biology from the University of Washington –Seattle. She is based in the Bay Area and has worked for HP, Lockheed Martin, Teradata, and an Apache Trafodion startup Esgyn. Amanda is an Apache Committer and member of the PMC for Apache Trafodion. She has worked on customer poc’s, executive demos, AWS deployments, python coding, data science workshops, conferences, linux/hadoop administration, and scripting – a little bit of everything! In her spare time, she loves running, hanging out with her dog, and finding reasons to go to Disneyland.


From software engineer to dev rel: the good, the bad, and the rewarding

Changing jobs can be tough, but changing career tracks can be even tougher! Come learn about my experiences of moving from a Software Engineer to a Developer Advocate. Will give talk about the pros and cons, and ways for everyone to make the most out of their jobs in DevRel!


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