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Amara Graham

Developer Advocate | IBM

Amara Graham

Amara is a Developer Advocate with IBM.

Before her step into developer relations, she was an enterprise web application developer focusing on line of business applications and assisting developers across various teams on implementing proprietary and open source solutions. She’s passionate about UX, technical communities (both online and offline) and excited to see where advances in AI take us. In her spare time she experiments in the kitchen and plays console video games.


One size doesn't fit all

We all work really hard writing documentation and tutorials to explain how our products work. But are we taking a 'one-size-fits-all' approach that creates more confusion than it should?

In this talk Amara will outline the steps she took for developing more inclusive content for the game dev community, while also covering there areas where she feels she still needs to improve.

You’ll walk away ready to evaluate your developer content with some though provoking questions to get you and your team started.


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