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Andrew Baker

Director of Developer Education | Twilio

Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker is on a mission to empower developers to change the world with software.

As Director of Developer Education at Twilio, Andrew leads the teams responsible for Twilio’s documentation and training programs, including TwilioQuest.

Andrew started his career as a Python web developer in Washington, D.C., where he grew up. He discovered his passion for teaching developers after running Docker workshops at meetups and conferences before joining Twilio in 2015.

Since then he has sought out new ways to challenge and empower developers through documentation, training, and other aspects of Twilio’s developer experience.


How Twilio leveled-up developer training with TwilioQuest

Developer training has not historically been a hotbed of innovation. Technical workshops around the world usually follow the same model - slides, then example code, slides, then example code, slides, then example code. For many folks, this can work just fine - but the Twilio developer education team suspected there could be a better way that addresses some of the shortcomings of this traditional model. Way back in 2013, TwilioQuest was born to do developer training differently.

In this session, Andrew will break down the shortcomings of traditional developer training, and how TwilioQuest sought to address them. He’ll talk about what’s working (and not working) with TwilioQuest today, and how what they’ve learned makes them believe TwilioQuest can become a platform that teaches one million developers to code.


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