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Avital Tzubeli

Developer Advocate | Kaltura

Avital Tzubeli

After four years of backend development, Avital decided to focus on her passion for meeting new people and inspiring them to build cool stuff.

Today, as a developer advocate, she works at Kaltura and gets to learn from really smart people around the world, create fun tutorial videos about their API, and work alongside the developers to write insightful and useful content.


A shiny new developer portal

Adding new content to your dev portal is not just about writing some guides and going home. Sometimes it’s about negotiating, about fighting for change, and then knowing how to ask for help. Sometimes it’s about going the long route and correcting what exists instead of starting over. And sometimes it’s about learning entire new skills in order to effectively share information with developers of different backgrounds.

In this talk, Avital will discuss her journey in adding a mobile SDK segment to Kaltura's developer portal, sharing the struggles and triumphs she faced along the way, and what developer advocacy felt like in those moments.


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