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Brandon West

Developer Evangelism Leader | AWS

Brandon West

Brandon started as an IT intern in 1999 and has been messing around on the internet ever since.

He switched from software development to developer relations in 2011. Currently he leads the Dev Rel team for AWS in the Americas. He likes dogs, skiing, fly fishing, Oxford commas, and avoiding questions about when his book will be done.


Distributed developer relations

Developer jobs are growing faster in areas that are not traditionally viewed as tech hubs. That means that developer relations teams that are hiring are looking in more places. And more importantly, it means the developer audiences that we are trying to reach are becoming less concentrated.

In most cases, at least some of the roles on a dev rel team will require travel. Having the right knowledge to successful manage a distributed team that frequently travels can make the difference between a successful program and an unsustainable effort that burns people out.

This talk presents a compelling mix of research, stories from the field, and knowledge from direct experience managing large dev rel teams. Managers and individual contributors alike will benefit from learning strategies for communication, working asynchronously, and making travel both tolerable and effective.


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