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Dana Oshiro

General Partner and GM | Heavybit

Dana Oshiro

As a Heavybit Partner, Dana Oshiro helps seed and Series A developer and enterprise startups achieve breakout success.

For 5 years she's directed the accelerator's curriculum and advisor network, launched the company's library and event series, hired and managed the program's team, and supported companies like RainforestQA and LaunchDarkly. Previously, she worked in marketing and growth for Code for America's fellowship program, managed editorial strategy with 200+ professional publishers at NetShelter (sold to Ziff Davis), and worked in public health advocacy and public affairs.


The defensibility and value in developer community

Three years ago, VC's were squeamish, consumer startups were in layoff and closure mode, and it seemed like there was no end in sight. But in June 2016, a day before the Brexit vote, Twilio IPOed and shares leapt 90% on the first day of trading.

Since then there’s been a string of developer company exits - from CitusData, to TreasureData to PagerDuty. The fact is that regardless of the market pressures, developer communities make companies more valuable. In this session, Heavybit’s General Partner Dana Oshiro covers how community-building has yielded industry leaders in the worst and best of times.


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