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Daniel Zaltsman

Developer Relations Manager | Digital Ocean

Daniel Zaltsman

Daniel Zaltsman is a passionate community leader and developer advocate who serves the developer community at DigitalOcean.

He helped create and continues to manage Hacktoberfest, a community event that encourages open-source contributions from people of all experience levels. In his spare time he runs a typewriter haiku company and loves pronouncing toasts at any occasion possible.


750,000 pull requests in five years: what you can learn from Hacktoberfest

In this talk you’ll learn about the fundamental forces that can transform an idea into a global movement and a community of hundreds of thousands of developers.

Hacktoberfest is more than just a t-shirt giveaway-it’s an opportunity for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to be a contributing member of the open source community and help build the software that powers our world.

We’ll look at stories of participants, how our efforts helped them succeed, and how the hurdles they encountered helped us make our program more robust. We’ll follow the journeys of participants who’ve launched from Hacktoberfest into their own open source software successes and learn from their experiences, too.

At the end of this talk, you’ll know what it takes to create sustainable, global events that unify, delight, and excite your community.


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