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Dmitry Vinnik

Lead Software Engineer | Salesforce

Dmitry Vinnik

Dmitry Vinnik is a Lead Software Engineer at Salesforce who has been passionate about Developer Advocacy for several years now.

He frequently speaks at events on Java and Software Quality but has been spending more time sharing his experience dealing with work-life balance. His background involves studying medicine and bioinformatics in addition to software and quality engineering.


Kindness engineering

If you want to ruin your day, post something publicly and read the comments later. Maybe that's the case for blogs, videos, and newspapers but should it be the same for open source?

In this talk, Dmitry will discuss how each person in any enterprise or open-source community can bring clarity to the development process, establish kindness as the key value in a team, and retain focus on that team’s proactive success. In particular, Dmitry will show how to avoid a reactive approach in incident resolution, and instead, highlight how teams can move forward as a coherent unit rather than a ball of irritation and suppressed anger.


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