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Filip Hracek

Developer Advocate | Google

Filip Hracek

Filip is a Developer Advocate on the Flutter team.

In this role, he is specializing in architectural guidance for complex reactive apps. Prior to Google, Filip was an independent IT instructor. In his spare time, he builds games, reads books, and occasionally enjoys pancakes.


Candid dev rel: The Flutter Boring Show and other ways we make ourselves look human

'Illustrating mistakes is just as important as showing how to do things right,' says UCR professor John Baez in his How to Teach Stuff. We in the DevRel world sometimes forget this, to the detriment of our audiences and the developer culture at large.

We make videos in which we never falter, always producing the right code on the first try. We write articles full of Computer Science jargon that we may or may not have had to Google a few weeks before. We expect everyone to be as knowledgeable and excited about our neck of the woods as we are.

This makes the problem of impostor syndrome in the development world worse. It may even undirectly lead to some of the fanaticism in software engineering: some DevRel’ers are the ultimate know-it-alls, with strong opinions to match.

At Flutter DevRel, we created the Boring Flutter Development Show, which is basically televised pair programming — warts and all. It is successful, despite the fact that each episode runs around 60 minutes, and is full of blunders, moments of awkward silence, and head scratching. On other fronts than video, we are doing similar things. We try to always live code, we run our apps live on old phones, and we are pretty open about not really knowing what we’re doing.

In this talk, you will learn how this approach works and why we think it’s the future of doing DevRel.


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