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Jamie Cantrell

Community Manager | SAP

Jamie Cantrell

Jamie is a certified change manager, focused on guiding the behavioral changes required to successfully launch products and services to millions of users.

She has worked with the SAP Community for the past three years, building human-centric features and launching projects to improve the experiences of the Community’s 2.8 million members.

Previously, Jamie worked as the communications and change manager for the SAP global product support organization, where she helped launch such beloved features as the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, Schedule an Expert, and the Cloud Status Dashboard.

When she’s not launching tech revolutions, Jamie is passionately writing and speaking about human workplace topics, like diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, personal branding, and remote work.


Creating psychological safety in digital communities

In a recent project, Jamie and her team began the process of overhauling the cultural norms of the SAP Community, with a focus on psychological safety to encourage a more inclusive environment for contributors. This project involved addressing ingrained attitudes in the Community’s most influential members, restructuring influencer programs, reconstructing our code of conduct and moderation policies, and more. In this talk, Jamie will describe the concept of psychological safety, the basic tenets of the project, and the change management principles required to successfully implement such a change in your own developer/online community.


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