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Jamie Wittenberg

Product Manager | Major League Hacking

Jamie Wittenberg

With nearly a decade of teaching experience, and having worked in variety of educational formats including traditional pre-k-12, bootcamps Wyncode, Flatiron, online Codecademy, and peer-to-peer MLH Localhost, Jamie has seen it all.

At Major League Hacking, she has worked with companies like Google, Slack, Twilio, AWS, and Microsoft to onboard new developers onto their platforms and to keep them coming back. In her spare time, Jamie tries to figure out if her aesthetic is art deco or 80s chaos.


How to lose a dev in three ways

For the last 5 years, Jamie has been helping people of all ages and backgrounds learn to code. These up and coming developers want to learn the latest, greatest developer platforms so that they can join engineering teams and contribute their expertise to major product and architecture decisions. But by talking with thousands of these learners over the years, she has started to notice a pattern. If they have a confusing or painful onboarding experience, they’re turned off to a developer platform, often forever. You might have the most comprehensive documentation in the world and still lose those early-career developers by not considering how their onboarding experience is unique.

In this talk, Jamie will discuss the three most common problems that new developers face when learning your developer platforms:

* Familiarity with developer terminology and workflows
* Operating system and other environment setup issues
* UX/API changes (when your platform - or someone else’s that yours depends on - changes, and your docs are not 100% current)
* Bonus! Credit card access

Jamie will cover strategies to anticipate and mitigate these issues so that your developer education resources can be top notch. You will learn scalable, transferable solutions that Jamie has discovered over many years of curriculum development and education, that the MLH team now put into practice through their Major League Hacking Localhost technical workshop program with partners like Google, Slack, Twilio, AWS, Microsoft, and other industry-leading developer platforms. You’ll leave this session with ways to ensure that new developers trying your platform for the first time feel successful and fall in love with your product.


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