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Jeremy Glassenberg

VP of Platform | Pinn

Jeremy Glassenberg

Jeremy is an experienced product leader of over 11 years with a proven track record of building and monetizing platforms such as Box.

He has managed and expanded developer platforms to communities of tens of thousands of developers, executed on high profile integrations promoted by Salesforce and Google, and established key components in paths to monetization. While focused on Product, Jeremy has managed and grown several successful developer communities and Developer Relations teams.

Jeremy is a mentor to top-tier startup accelerators such as Alchemist and Techstars, and advises developer-focused startups such as Moesif (API intelligence) and OpenChannel.io (framework for app marketplaces).


Marketplace management: managing difficult partners

After working on application marketplaces for enterprise products, small business solutions, education technology, and more, Jeremy has interacted with partners of different cultures, personalities, and expectations. From those experiences, however, he has seen patterns in the challenges of managing developer communities when an application marketplace is involved.

We have all had challenging conversations with members of our developer communities, but more so when running an applications marketplace. There’s simply more room for higher expectations, and unattainable expectations. Developers want, and sometimes expect to be specially featured. They’re in shock when their popular position declines, affecting their growth and revenue. They get frustrated when prevented from being published on your directory, or escalate when removed for a violation.

Sometimes it is the marketplace, and there are ways to alleviate friction with proper communication and expectation setting. However, some partners are just difficult, and you still need to work with them.

In this talk, Jeremy will go through tips and tricks from various marketplaces to keep your community happy, and minimize stress for your company and yourself.


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