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Judith Malnick

Product Education Engineer | Hashicorp

Judith Malnick

Judith is a warm and enthusiastic educator who enjoys navigating the relationships between technology, community, and learning.

Eleven years of managing communities, researching, teaching, and counseling have helped her develop an analytic approach to challenges and a strong sense of empathy. Judith is an Education Engineer at HashiCorp working on the Learn platform, which she enjoys very much! In her free time, she loves hanging out with her dog and exploring the implications of geological time. Her formal education is in Biology.


First build a bookshelf: providing context for developer learning

Lots of documentation is designed to teach people how to accomplish tasks or use features. Providing a conceptual or architectural overview first can provide context for those details, help new developers to retain information, keep them from getting lost in the weeds, and speed learning.


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