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Katie Penn

Director of Developer Marketing | Twitch

Katie Penn

Katie is the Director of Developer Marketing at Twitch, a live streaming platform for gamers and developers.

She's a marketing leader who loves building world-class teams and growing developer communities around the world. Prior to Twitch, she led Developer Growth at Twitter, and at Salesforce worked on their developer marketing team. As an active TechWomen mentor, she's passionate about advancing the rights and participation of women around the world in STEM . She recently returned from a delegation trip to Sierra Leone, working with young entrepreneurs on opportunities in technology.

In her spare time, she's busy raising 3 active young boys (while dreaming of building a 'she shed' and getting a female dog.)


Leading with authenticity: tips for growing and nurturing developer communities

We all know that developers are not all the same and the various segments have different needs and motivations.

In this talk, Twitch's Katie Penn will share her “Top 10 List” for how to interact authentically with developer communities that foster inclusivity and transparency. This includes your loyal community and how to reward your champions, while introducing new opportunities for growth for developers who you may not have originally have considered. Eating your own dogfood, open sourcing your wins, and admitting your fails are just a few of the ways this can be done.


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