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Leandro Margulis

VP and GM of Developer Relations | TomTom

Leandro Margulis

Leandro Margulis is the VP & GM of Developer Relations at TomTom.

In this role, Leandro sits at the intersection of product and business, leading TomTom's Developer Relations organization: a global, multidisciplinary team including sales, marketing, product marketing and developer relations, with team members in the U.S., Poland and the Netherlands.


Tom Tom in its first year of dev rel

Leandro Margulis (GM and VP Developer Relations at Tom Tom) will share his role, challenges, and priorities while building out his Developer Relations team for their developer platform, developer.tomtom.com. He will share his experiences from what the leadership team was seeking and what lost opportunities they imagined by not having a DevRel team. Then he'll share how he prioritized needs, set metrics, and set a vision for the DevRel team and for its user community.


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