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Marlena Compton

Founder and Creative Director | Appear Works

Marlena Compton

Marlena Compton is a software developer, writer and collaboration artist.

She organizes conferences such as Bay Bridge Ruby, Pear Conf and Let’s Sketch Tech!

Marlena’s agile hat-trick of working for IBM, Pivotal and Atlassian, has left her with a life-long appreciation for quality code, empathy, and working together as a team. Marlena enjoys writing about tech, sketching talks at conferences and sometimes giving talks too.


Swinging wildly at glitter

No conference is complete without a vast assortment of t-shirts, pamphlets, and stickers...or is it? What does your swag tell your audience about your company? In this talk, Conference Organizer, Marlena Compton takes a look at conference swag and the role it plays as part of an effective developer relations toolkit. She'll talk about the different reasons why swag exists and how it connects with your users in ways you expect and some that you might not.


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