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Phil Leggetter

Director of Developer Relations | Nexmo

Phil Leggetter

Phil @leggetter is Director of Developer Relations at Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform.

With a not-so-distant past as a software engineer, he applies a passion and vision for quality software and great developer products within an international developer relations team of advocates, engineers, technical writers and community professionals who are core to the continued transformation underway to Vonage.


From start-up to enterprise

Developer Relations takes many different forms depending on company needs. But the stage of growth and size of a company itself also affects how a developer relations team operates.

I’ll cover topics such as; Who should the first developer relations hire be in a startup? What activities should your team focus on based on the company’s stage of growth? How do you structure a team as it grows in order to maintain or improve effectiveness? In what scenarios should a devrel team be held accountable for revenue generation? What are the main pain points of devrel within an Enterprise and how can you overcome them? And more.

Drawing on experience from working in a seven-person startup through to a two and a half thousand person enterprise, I’ll share the differences in approaches and tips to ensure a developer relations team can be valuable and effective at any company.


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