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Sid Maestre

Head of Developer Evangelism | Xero

Sid Maestre

As the Head of Developer Evangelism, Sid Maestre leads Xero’s team of developer evangelists who work with a range of companies from small business SaaS startups to global banks integrating to Xero’s accounting APIs.

Prior to joining Xero, Sid was a developer evangelist at StackMob and PayPal and has over a decade of experience in software development. When he isn’t helping developers, Sid can be found training for his next Spartan obstacle course race.


Redefining SDKs as software diversity kits

Do you believe that client SDKs are an integral part of the developer experience? When evaluating APIs or platforms, one of the first thing most developers look for are SDKs in their preferred programming language. If it’s not listed, they'll move along in search of the 'right' tool.

If your company only focuses on the top three programming languages (as deemed by Stackoverflow), are you excluding developers from your community? For many, this doesn’t cross their mind, because programming language X is dead or a least that’s what blogs and social media tell us.

At Xero, they see OpenAPI specs and generated SDKs as a way to support a broad range of programming languages and attract more developers. They are still working through this process, which will require choices including how do they support a more diverse group of developers.

In this talk, Sid will discuss how they challenges will be coupled with the on going question of how to help less experienced developers using their SDKs.


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