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Sydney Lai

Developer Evangelist and Co-Founder | Codecorgi

Sydney Lai

Sydney Lai has passionately volunteered for the dev community since 2013, with Techstars and Google Developers Group.

She started programming at 11 years old at a summer coding camp being sassy and thinking she would never need to know this again. She spent her professional career building products, attending hackathons, and building tech communities. Through her work, Sydney has been named an LGBT Technology Leader by The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy. Her real-life struggle right now is optimizing her Pokemon card collection.


Your first 100 developers

Building community is math. In this talk, you'll learn how to grow your community by identifying where that community lives and how to acquire your first 100 developers. You'll hear first-hand experience on case studies, such as how Sydney grew communities for aerospace, gaming, and blockchain startups.


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