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Taylor Barnett

Lead Community Engineer | Stoplight

Taylor Barnett

Taylor Barnett is the lead Community Engineer at Stoplight, a platform for designing, mocking, testing, and documenting web APIs.

At Stoplight, she leads Community and Open Source and contributes to Product, Support, and Content. She’s passionate about building great developer experiences with an emphasis on empathy and inclusion within APIs, documentation, SDKs, support, and other community focused projects.

Previously, Taylor led developer community, documentation, and SDKs at Keen and has a background in software engineering. She has spoken about building APIs, developer experience, SDKs, inclusion, and building developer communities at conferences such as O’Reilly OSCON, API Strategy & Practice, DevXcon, AlterConf, Hackcon, and various local meetups.

In her free time, she helps organize Women Who Code Austin, advises developer communities, and drinks sour beers, and climbs in Austin, Texas.


Breaking down barriers to 'Hello World'

For any developer, the faster they achieve “Time to First Hello World,” the better the overall experience. Whether they are a developer just learning how to code or have 10+ years of experience, the first “Hello World” with a new API, framework, or programming language is a fantastic feeling. This benchmark becomes even more important for beginners. Along with less access to help, mentorship, and other resources, just getting started can be very challenging and potentially detrimental. If beginners can achieve small wins early on, an entire world of possible projects they can code on their own opens up.

In this talk, Taylor will explore the barriers beginner (and experienced) developers face when getting started with a new API, framework, or programming language. She will also discuss strategies to avoid beginner’s mind or empathy failure and how to create better documentation, examples, and tutorials that break down these barriers and measure success early on. Lastly, she will talk about why it is necessary and mutually beneficial to care about beginners using your API, framework, or programming language.


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